Readers and Writers Retreats

I think the Retreat of 2013 was a huge success -the writers, the fellow guests, the perfect setting, the food, the gardens, and the attention to detail in all aspects. I am very much looking forward to the emails of the photographs you took. I want to show my family and friends the authors, participants, and the beauty of it all.

-Marsha Lane

The amount of planning, preparing and organizing that went into the retreat was apparent from the minute we stepped into your beautiful garden! Each day brought wonder, learning , and excitement ! The surroundings, authors, and discussions stimulated us to explore the writing process, ourselves, and each other! Lasting new knowledge and friends were formed! I enjoyed the community friends that were included they added to our feelings about the area! Each authors approach to the writing process brought new insights and appreciation! I was enthralled with all of them! Lunches and dinners were superb delicious and healthy! You both are to be commended for a job well done!

-Sunny Endicott

Have you ever toured an impeccably restored grand historic home on the scale of Monticello or Mt. Vernon and wondered what it be like to cross the rope barriers, enter every room and sit down like you were a guest? How about strolling wherever your heart desires through fountained gardens bursting with blossoms enjoying 360 degree pastoral views listening only to crickets and song birds?

You might yearn to sit in the parlor of this exquisite home and take part in a debate or listen to an intriguing lecture in the presence of the gracious hosts. This might be a part of history from a bygone era…or you might choose, like I did, to attend a retreat or workshop at Castle Hill nestled right in the heart of Keswick, Virginia.

-Christine Osteen

As a participant of the inaugural launch of the Readers and Writers Retreat at Castle Hill, I was absolutely thrilled with the quality of the authors and their candid, spontaneous conversations with our lovely and diverse group. Because each author spoke in a different setting on the estate every day, I felt a unique intimacy during each session with them. The organizers were very wise to limit the number of participants so that they could be up close and personal with each author. I went away dreaming that I had had John Grisham, Jan Karon, Donna Lucy and Sissy Spacek, and others over to my exquisite house in the country for a personal conversation during a beautifully arranged lunch, dinner or afternoon tea! Now I want to experience the Castle Hill writers retreat at the end of June! Strongly recommend everyone make these retreats part of your annual getaway plans.

-Anne Hooff

It’s hard to believe the events of May 20-23 marked the inaugural literary retreat at Castle Hill: It seemed to run effortlessly, thanks in part to the charming owners of Castle Hill, who made all of us feel like guests in their historic home. Organizers Stewart Humiston and Hugh Wilson hosted an intimate group of readers and writers in luxurious style, treating them to gourmet meals, stimulating intellectual discussions, historical tours and gardens of breathtaking beauty. In an effort to read something by each author on the schedule, I read several interesting books I might otherwise have missed. Best of all was the chance to have one-on-one conversations with some of the biggest names in the book world. I came home with both the inspiration and tools for finishing my current book project.

-Robin Williams