Readers and Writers Retreats


There is nothing I enjoy more than sneaking down to my cottage by the garden to write. I fill my journals with pages of descriptions, perceptions and musings of the events of my life. Most of these stories are for my eyes only but I have often found myself wanting to share my experiences with others while they did the same with me. I felt a powerful, reciprocal dialogue would emerge, one that was authentic and true.

I also have been very fortunate to call this beautiful old farm home. I feel a compelling responsibility and desire to share its history and charm with others. The Castle Hill Retreats was an idea that came to me, quite powerfully, a year ago. I knew it would be a happy union if I could bring writers here to tell their stories with the backdrop of this fabled house that has been home to so many talented authors.

So now I invite you to join me with your true story. Together we will weave a collective narrative made up of the threads of
our lives and the good times that surely are to follow.

Thanks very much, Stewart Humiston